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Печать на 3D принтере

3D печать – это послойное создание картинки, на базе виртуальной 3D модели. Данная технология зародилась в середине 20 века, тогда же появились и первые принтеры трёхмерной печати. Больше это было похоже на станок с типографии, нежели на принтер, но со временем эволюция принтера, дошла до нормальных размеров. Стоимость такого принтера ранее составляла от десятков тысяч долларов.
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3D print of figures

Printing figures of person on the 3D printer, which can easily bring to life through special equipment, becomes the favorable decision for creating high-quality, original products. All works are performed with a modern colour 3D printer ProJet 460. The main advantages of the printer are its high productivity and quality of the applied image. Now, it is one of the cheapest printers with the ability to create three-dimensional printing. Continue reading

3D modeling

Three-dimensional modeling, which was once considered as a service which is used by the most provided companies and organizations, armed with high-priced systems and create virtual three-dimensional objects, is actively used today for advertising purposes by everybody who understands the advantages of this technology .
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