3D print of figures

Printing figures of person on the 3D printer, which can easily bring to life through special equipment, becomes the favorable decision for creating high-quality, original products. All works are performed with a modern colour 3D printer ProJet 460. The main advantages of the printer are its high productivity and quality of the applied image. Now, it is one of the cheapest printers with the ability to create three-dimensional printing. It may be noted that printing speed is about 5 times faster than the other product units. Additional product features include simultaneous print of a variety of models: they are easily placed in cameras, which is convenient and practical for doing three-dimensional orders, automatic powder loading in the tray, and also start and ability to control over equipment work.

Thanks to all the advantages of this printer, printing of three-dimensional figures will be carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time. It is especially important considering need of the high detailing of elements during drawing the image. By saving supplies, the cost of the work will also be beneficial and acceptable to the potential customer. All these circumstances make printing figures of person on a 3D printer, effective and practical, regardless to the purpose and scope of the project.