3D modeling

Three-dimensional modeling, which was once considered as a service which is used by the most provided companies and organizations, armed with high-priced systems and create virtual three-dimensional objects, is actively used today for advertising purposes by everybody who understands the advantages of this technology .

The essence of technology is shifting a living object into a virtual 3D-space. Thus modeling means saving proportions and other external properties that will be designed by computer devices. A typical example is a presentation of the object’s construction, preparing for building and realized only in the form of a small building in which you can hold a virtual tour by the electronic mode. Usually this method is realized on promotional sites.

3D modeling allows to see not a flat picture, but a full three-dimensional image of the object. So it becomes possible to consider it from different angles, making a better impression on the basis of which, it is possible to create object modernization. The electronic mode, in which 3D model is tested, allows to change its characteristics easily, and, therefore the parameters of “source code”.

3D modeling is actual not only for advertising campaigns connected with real estate. Object demonstration by virtual image is also useful for studying details of the equipment, analysis of the area and for room design. Apart from purely practical use, display of objects in 3D-format creates a certain reputation that takes care that the client has evident idea of an advertised product, without leaving the house.