In far times people were painting their own and family portraits to immortalize a person image. They were a subject of pride, decorated walls of mansions and handed down from generation to generation … Then our favorite photography came. Of course it’s great to buy a camera and make a heap of cool photos. But technology doesn’t stand still and now we offer you absolutely new opportunity to get a figure — the exact copy of yourselves, and also your relatives and friends … Many of us have already heard about 3D printers, but you even could not imagine such their using! Get figure of an exact copy of a real man! It is fantastic! But it is real now! Come on and you won’t regret it!

  • First step
    The first stage differs from traditional photo shoots. Firstly, it deals with...
  • Second step
    This stage is very long and demands intervention of the professional to...
  • Third step
    Manufacturing figures on professional 3D-printer is the most important stage of the...
  • Fourth step
    Finished! After printing, your figurine is ready...

We deliver your figure for free!

And you can already surprise your relatives and friends. Figures can be made in following sizes of 10sm, 15sm, 20sm, 25sm. Undoubtedly it is a very original gift and, a good alternative to the ordinary photo! For example, on the wedding day or St. Valentine's Day. There are always reasons in our life for such gift?


*Figure printing in wide dresses is from 12 000 Roubles.

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